Are you getting closer?

I used to love playing the game when I was a kid. 

It was fun. 

If I went to one part of the room I was getting colder, if I went to another part of the room I was getting warmer, then hotter, then hotter until.... I found the object that had been hidden for me to find.The further away from the hidden object I went, the colder I would be, the nearer I got to the object, the warmer I would be.

Jesus gave a wonderful invitation: ‘Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest’. (Matt 11:28)

In your walk with God have you ever felt discouraged? despondent? As if God feels miles away? 

We can all feel like that at times as we try to navigate life’s twists and turns. We can become jaded, under pressure and yet God’s intention for us, His desire for us, His purpose for us, is to stay close to Him and allow Him to help us navigate the terrain of life.


The question is are you moving closer to God each day? 


James 4:8 encourages us “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you”  

The old saying goes ‘if you feel like God is far away, guess who has moved’! If you are struggling with your relationship with God here’s a few things to think about and help you get back on track…

1) We need to be honest, both with ourselves and God. He knows what we’re going through. I can remember one of my youth leaders telling me one day, if you are angry with God tell Him, He knows anyway! We have to be honest…. If we have not been spending the time we know we should with the Lord, we need to repent and seek to change and make sure we spend time with Him each day, even if to start with its only a few minutes.


2) We need to worship Him. It’s ok worshipping God at a Sunday meeting, it can be easier then. However it’s also good to to start our daily time with Him in worship, speaking words of adoration. Maybe putting some worship music on can help us focus.It’s as we worship we can refocus our lives as we concentrate on God’s glory and majesty, and all that He has done for us.


3) We need to read the bible. A few months ago as I sat in a church service, as the speaker was nearing the end of his sermon he said ‘I don’t want to burden you, but even reading just one or two verses a day is a start’. I must admit I was shocked. I thought to myself why, for a Christian, would reading God’s word be a burden? 

Jesus came to take our burdens not put more on us. God’s word is our daily bread. It is how we get to know God and how he gives us direction for our lives. Yes life can be busy, but in my experience people prioritise what is important to them. For a Christian there can be nothing more important than reading the word that brings us life and hope!


4) We need to pray. We need to give God thanks for who he is and what he has done for us. We need to pray for our daily needs. Maybe have a notebook and actually note down the needs you have, the needs your family and friends have, the needs of your church, the needs of the wider church… the list is endless. What we need to do is move away from the ‘God bless mummy and daddy..’ shopping list prayers. Prayer doesn’t have to be boring…but it does have to be consistent. As time goes by you can go back and put the answers your received to those prayers!


5) We need to listen. Unfortunately, as my wife reminds me now and again, I am no longer a spring chicken. My hearing is not what it used to be and at the time of writing I am still in the resistance stage of going to get a hearing test – (my wife does say though at times I have selective hearing – whatever that is!?) However, in our walk with God we need to take time to listen. We need to meditate on His word, to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. God will speak to us, we just need to take the time to listen.

The greatest commandment Jesus gave is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength (Matt 22:37) We can ‘get busy’ doing ministry and Christian works, which may well be good and needful. However God’s deepest desire is that we know Him, we love Him, we spend time with Him, then out of that we serve Him.

Are you getting closer to God each day?

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